Silicone PSA

Dow Silicone PSA Selection Guide (Solvented)

Grade DowsilActives %CatalystViscosityDilutentApplication
DOWSIL™ Q2-7406 Adhesive55-58Benzoyl Peroxide20000 – 80000Xylene, TolueneGeneral Purpose Adhesive,
Splicing tapes
DOWSIL™ 7268 Adhesive58-62Benzoyl Peroxide40000 – 100000Xylene, TolueneMasking & Plating tapes.
High Tack tapes
DOWSIL™ 7428 Adhesive59-63Benzoyl Peroxide80000 – 150000Xylene, TolueneSplicing & plating tapes
High temp insulation tapes
DOWSIL™ 7358 Adhesive55-58Benzoyl Peroxide10000 – 45000Xylene, TolueneElectric insulation & bonding tapes. High temp masking tape, plasma /flame spray tapes
DOWSIL™ 288 Mica Binder60-62Benzoyl Peroxide70000Xylene, TolueneMica Tapes
DOWSIL™ RSN-0994 Resin4980 – 150Xylene, TolueneGlass Cloth insulation tapes,
Bonding Mica Glass combination
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Dow Silicone PSA Selection Guide (Solventless)

Grade DowsilActives %CatalystViscosityApplication
DOWSIL™ 2014 Adhesive100Syloff 40007000-10000Adhesive Tape, Label& Transfer films, high & low temperature labelling applications
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Our Principals

Over the years, we have partnered with a global network of distributors to ensure we can deliver anywhere around the world. Each of our channel partners bestows us with 100% of their trust.

Dow Consumer Solutions

Dow Consumer Solutions represents silicone-based product lines under the brand name ‘Dowsil’. Its top market constitutes mobility, building construction & infrastructure, film tapes & release liners, beauty & personal care and many more.

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Dow Industrial Solutions

Dow Industrial Solutions contains product lines based on plastics, industrial intermidiates, polyurethanes, coatings etc.

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Dupont Multibase

Product line is related to material reinforcement with Si Additives. Various silicone masterbatches compounds cater to automotive for interior solutions, compounding etc.

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One of the leading & largest companies in the world manufacturing the most specialised fumed and precipitated silica for different applications such as antifoams, coatings etc.


Lubrizol Performance Coatings is a market-driven innovator of specialty chemicals that solves today’s coating, ink, and composite challenges for diverse paper & film markets.

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3M is the leading company in the world for speciality textile coatings representing ‘PM (PROTECTIVE MATERIAL) SERIES’, a fluoro-chemical free chemistry.

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As a global provider of solutions for the textile industry, Clariant offers historical expertise to improve the quality of fibres and garments.

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A leading chemical distribution company representing key brands of detergent & textile intermediates.

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